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  • Zoom classes
  • 3 classes per week
  • £15 per week

Each class will be 30 minutes long and work will be set after each class.


If you would like your child to obtain a place, you will need to complete the application form and your child will need to complete a short assessment. Once I have marked the work I will contact you within one week to discuss how your child performed. It is important that all children attend classes regularly and complete all homework that is set. This will help your child to have a deeper understanding of the topics that we will be covering each week.

  • The children are given specific pieces of work to do which are matched to their ability levels.
  • The children are grouped according to ability and not according to their age.
  • I use creative and innovative strategies to engage and motivate the children.
  • The work is not always geared towards a narrow assessment of their ability.
  • The children get an opportunity to present their work to others and to do peer teaching which enhances their learning and allows them to assess their knowledge and understanding of the topics that they have covered.
  • I work with small groups so that children get individual attention.

What Our Students Have to Say

My daughter has been tutored by Angela Miller for the last three years and has made amazing progress at school. I highly recommend her. She's local in Northolt Library every Tuesday and is really nice lady.
Atlyn Forde
Angela has a gift in helping children understand complex concepts. My son found her Maths sessions quite interesting